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Get Well Soon

Recovering from illness can be positively gloomy, and knowing we are thought of can be cheering. Help brighten the day for someone who is home in bed or in hospital. Send yummy and healthful goodies that are also a feast for the eye, designed and carefully assembled here in Toronto, the city with a personality. 

Best Wishes & Brighten Up
Brighten Up

Brighten Up


Cedar Raptures
Dawn's Gifts Item

Dawn's Gifts Item

$189.99 $194.99

Everything Sweet

Everything Sweet

$59.99 $63.99

Fantasia Gift Basket



Feel Better

Feel Better


Flowering Fruit Basket

Flowering Fruit Basket

$65.99 $68.99

Flowers and Gourmet Basket
Fruit Temptations

Fruit Temptations

$82.99 $86.99

Fruitful Greetings Gourmet
FTD Fruit and Cheese Box
Galaxy Gift Basket
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Healthful Fruits

We can’t promise any medicinal benefits, but fruits are chock full of vitamins and antioxidants that are good for everyone. All My Love Basket is packed with a variety of apples, oranges, grapes, bananas, and a pineapple as well as tea, crackers, and more, tied with a cheery bright red bow.

What better way to send all your love? Or pick Bountiful Fruits to have fresh kiwi fruit, pears, apples, oranges, grapes and more delivered right to his or her door. Fruit Temptations is filled with pineapple, grapes, apples, bananas, crackers, cheese, and jam to let someone know how thoughtful you are. Fruitious Fruit Baskets have the same assortment of fruits as many of our other baskets, at a more moderate price, tied with a friendly yellow bow.

For the Sweet Tooth

Think it would be more fun to send sweets? We have it covered. Unique Loving Wishes comes with chocolates, cookies, mixed nuts, truffles, tea, and more. Toronto Gift Ideas spells Heaven for chocoholics, with chocolate candies, truffles, and fudge. Ornate container tied with a delicate bow can be reused as a decoration. Sweet Gourmet Gift is another collection guaranteed to please the chocoholic, with chocolate candies, gourmet truffles, wafers, cookies, and more.

Indulgence Gift Basket is well named, with dark chocolate candy, almonds, mint crisps, and Danish cookies. Get Well Gourmet Gift is just what the doctor ordered with chocolate taffy, sugar cookies, mixed nuts, and more in a black bag that can be reused for trick-or-treating or for any occasion with a medical theme.

Fantasia Gift Basket comes with a rich selection of Belgian truffles, wafers, tea biscuits, and English breakfast tea. Chocolate Fantasy basket fills your recipient’s day dreams of chocolate gourmet foods. Dawn’s Gifts is loaded with wafers, truffles, cookies, chocolate candy, mixed nuts, crackers and more. The wicker basket can be used  to enhance living room decor.

Combining the Healthful with the Indulgent

Want some variety? We’ve got it.  Galaxy Gift Basket is one of the stars of our collection, with mixed dried fruit, cookies, sparkling juice, cheese, and more. Cheery sunflowers and other bright yellow flowers will brighten friend’s, relative’s, or colleague’s day and make him or her anxious to be up and around again.

Grande Gourmet Fruity Basket will make your patient feel pampered with his or her own teapot, teas, fresh fruits, jam, chocolate candy, cheese, and crackers. Being sick is no picnic, but Let’s Have a Picnic, in its wicker basket, will make someone feeling under the weather feel  almost as if he or she were having a picnic in the country. The basket includes fresh fruits, mixed dry fruits, cheese, cookies, candies, chocolate wafers, and much more.

Warmth of the Mediterranean

During Canadian winters don’t you sometimes long for the warmth of Italy? Chances are your recipient does too. Send the Wicker Pot Gift Basket with biscuits, cheese sticks, pasta, almonds, jam, crackers, and more. Or choose Italy Gift Ideas with Italian chocolate biscotti, tea biscuits, pasta, antipasto, and more. Its wicker suitcase could double as a convenient place to hold stationery supplies or books on a desk.

Something to do in Bed

Being stuck in bed is no fun; in fact it can be downright boring. We have the solution. Send reading material along with delicious snacks. Our Magazine Basket provides entertainment along with European-style truffles, Mixed Nuts, Coffee Candies, Chocolate Chip Cookies, and more!

Humor, the Best Medicine

Recipient not exactly up to exciting adventures on Treasure Island? Our Treasure Chest is sure to bring laughs as well as premium treats such as mixed nuts, dark chocolate almonds, caramel popcorn, cookies, pretzels, crackers, truffles, and much more.

And it all comes from Toronto

People in Toronto like to be on the go, and have little patience for convalescing. They need all the cheer they can get from their friends, relatives, and associates to get them back onto their feet, back into traffic, and back to all Toronto’s parks, museums, and places of business.

All our baskets are designed by our top creative specialists and arranged right here in the biggest city in Canada. We have quick delivery to the over thirty hospitals in Toronto, as well as to individual homes and businesses. Delivery services throughout the rest of Canada and the United States ensure that your gift will arrive fresh and safe in a timely manner.

Let’s hear it for Canadians’ know-how when it comes to brightening up the sick room and getting our family members, friends, and colleagues back onto the quick road to recovery.