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A Gift Basket of Condolences

A simple gift basket with fruits and flower arrangement from a dear friend can mean the world to someone who has just lost a loved one. Simply let us know of what you have in mind, and we'll make sure to make you the perfect basket. We also deliver on Sundays.

Basket Vistas

Basket Vistas


Blessings Gift Basket
Cedar Raptures
Condolence Gifts
Dawn's Gifts Item

Dawn's Gifts Item

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Fruit Temptations

Fruit Temptations

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Galaxy Gift Basket
Gourmet Snack Gifts
Grande Gourmet Fruity Basket
Loving Memory Gourmet
Magazine Basket

Magazine Basket


Paramount Gift Idea
Salmon And Gourmet
Sweet Gourmet Gift
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Gift Baskets Ideas For A Funeral

Gift baskets are usually something that you use to break the ice, or to cheer somebody up. Well, sometimes they are simply given as something to clear the air. Funerals are a common place to see gift baskets, usually filled with useful items and produce that can help the grieving family move on and actually deal with the world as a whole.

Whether you bring it with you on the day of the funeral or send it via mail afterwards is entirely up to you. You can fill these gift baskets with things to take their mind off what has just happened and the tragedies they are involved in. high quality food and drink will always be accepted with gratitude, for example. Just make sure you the keep the mood of the basket rather sombre – you don’t want to seem like you don’t understand the gravity and pain of the situation at hand.

Of course, you don’t want the gifts to remind them of the pain they are going through, and rather use it as an opportunity to remind them that people care about them massively. Sending your condolences through gifts can be a nice way to approach the subject without feeling awkward, but it all depends on who is receiving the gifts.
You could easily send products that can be used to relax and try to put their mind at ease, or you could go for something to take their mind off the event entirely. Depending on how close you were, you could go for anything from corporate tickets to an event to cosmetics and bath products to help them relax. It depends on the person mainly and how they will react to the gifts – you don’t want to antagonise anyone.

Think about what you are handing over carefully before doing so. Is it sensitive enough? In Toronto, there are many places you can visit to try and find inspiration and ideas for your gift baskets so that you can maximize the effects of your gifts. Speak to close friends of the grieving family members and find out what they think would be an appropriate gift if you aren’t sure for yourself.

Flowers and ornaments are usually a popular way to do it, too. The ornaments can be used to remind them of healing and moving on, and flowers have long been an important part of the entire grieving process. Just make sure you pick a topical and not over the top gift basket for the family who are in such a difficult place.

Offering fruit baskets, gift baskets dried fruits, nuts and more, with gourmet baskets from GTA giftbasketss express your condolences during difficult times. Send sympathy gourmet baskets to express your condolences in times of mourning.