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Thank You

Here in Toronto, what better way to thank someone for a kindness than with a basket of goodies? Our vast selection of Thank You baskets combine healthful, yummy goodies (and a few indulgences) in artistically designed arrangements in baskets and other fun containers that will be reused and appreciated for years to come. With GTA Gift Baskets to choose from, how can you go wrong?

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Sparkle Gourmet Gifts
Toronto Gift Basket
Bank of Chocolate
Basket Vistas

Basket Vistas


Cedar Raptures
Coffee Mug Gift
Dawn's Gifts Item

Dawn's Gifts Item

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Fantasia Gift Basket



Fruit Temptations

Fruit Temptations

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Fruitful Greetings Gourmet
FTD Fruit and Cheese Box
Godiva Galore
Golden Palace

Golden Palace


Gourmet Snack Gifts
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For the Sweet Tooth

Did you know that a little chocolate once in a while is good for the heart? Chocolate Fantasy will warm the heart of any chocoholic. Or pick Sweet Gourmet Basket with its selection of gourmet truffles, wafers, cookies, and chocolates. Toronto Gift Basket, with all the excitement of our vibrant city, is another favorite of chocolate lovers, with caramel chocolate and double chocolate as well as many other goodies.

Blissful sensations Gift Basket has not only chocolate almonds and other chocolates, but tea biscuits, truffles, sparkling juice and much more. Or give Toronto Gift Basket with chocolate candies, truffles, and fudge. Looking for something just as delicious on a smaller scale? Look no further. Send our own brown stoneware mug with chocolate supreme cocoa, caramel chocolate, chocolate wafer and caramel wafer, a bargain at $29.99.

Go Nuts for Gift Baskets

Tree nuts make great healthful snacks, but your gift recipient will only think of  the pleasures of snacking. Pick almonds and pistachios in either the apothecary jar Nutopia for $80.99 or the larger Pistachio-Fiesta with even more almonds and pistachios for $149.99. Nutopia’s apothecary jar can be used for floral arrangements or as a cookie jar.  Pistachio--Fiesta comes in a simple modern container that would make a great planter after the nuts are gone.

For the Bookworm

Know someone who would rather curl up with a book or periodical than almost anything else? Send the Magazine Gift Basket with reading material along with goodies to munch while reading. Readers will love European-style truffles, mixed nuts, coffee flavored candies, chocolate chip cookies and more.

Healthy Fruits

Who doesn’t know someone who is watching his or her weight? Someone whose trainer insists that he or she throw out the calorie dense snacks? We have the solution in our colorful fruit baskets. Your friends, relatives, and associates will feel virtuous and healthy snacking on wholesome fruits. Blooming Fruit Tray will provide your recipient with plenty of vitamins, minerals, and fiber with an arrangement of apples, oranges, pears, grapes, and pineapple, with faux lilies and sunflowers to make this a feast for the eyes as well as the palate. Or pick Fruit Temptations, with pineapple, grapes, apples, bananas, cheese and jam. Fruititious Fruit Basket is another yummy collection of  healthful snacks that your friend, relative, or associate can share with his or her trainer. Thoughtful Gesture Fruit Basket features not only a colorful variety of fruit, but a basket that can double as a shopping bag at the grocery store, which your ecologically aware friends will really appreciate.

Treasure Chest

All our gift baskets are treasures, but this one is so unique that we decided it deserved a paragraph all its own. This antique-style swashbuckler’s treasure chest is fun all by itself, and when we fill it with mixed nuts, dark chocolate almonds, caramel popcorn, cookies, pretzels, crackers, truffles and much more, it can’t fail to delight the  Robert Louis Stevenson fan in us all.

When the wonderful snacks are gone the treasure chest can be used to hold loose change and watch it stack up to buy something special.

Mix it up for Variety

Can’t decide on any one delicious food? Sending to a family or office with a mixed bunch of great people? No problem. Our mixed thank you baskets have something for everyone.. Yours Truly is a real people pleaser with dried fruits, sparkling water, truffles, chocolate candies, cookies, cheese, almonds, and pistachios. FTD Fruit and Cheese Box provides fresh fruits with a cheese spread and crackers to spread it onto.

Just the thing for those who like a variety of flavors and textures in their snacks. My-Oh-My What a Treat is another mixed bunch of yummies, including apples, oranges, cheese straws, water crackers and more.

All the Choices Available - Right here in Toronto

Torontonians’ sophisticated palates reflect the diversity of the metropolis, but no one doesn’t like our gift baskets. Whether you prefer Vietnamese, Caribbean, Jewish, Italian, or any other nationality specialties, who doesn’t like getting back to the basics of fresh fruit, nuts, cheese, and cocoa?

After visiting some of Toronto’s 7,000 restaurants or eating food off one of the diverse food trucks at a summer festival, it’s great to come home to a gift basket with a lovely arrangement of goodies to munch in your own living room. And during those cold Canadian winters a colorful basket with oranges and other fruit is a welcome sight.

Have a Look

There’s more to see than we can describe here, and a picture says it so much better than words, so go ahead and have a look.

Happy shopping!