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New Year

"Happy New Year" Occasion Gifts

The New Year is the perfect time for a new start, and why not starts it off with a few gift baskets for your friends, co-workers, or that special someone? From fruit baskets to tea tray gifts, you can give any number of items to make the New Year special. Look below and give your friends the gift they'll remember for years to come.

Best Mixed Gift Basket
Caramel Gift Basket
Tea-Tray Gifts

Tea-Tray Gifts


All Fruity Fruit Basket
Basket Vistas

Basket Vistas


Dawn's Gifts Item

Dawn's Gifts Item

$189.99 $194.99

Delightful Fruity Tray
English Housewarming Basket
Fantasia Gift Basket



Flowering Fruit Basket

Flowering Fruit Basket

$65.99 $68.99

Flowers and Gourmet Basket
Fruit and Poinsettia Basket
Fruit Festival Basket
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Celebrate the blessings of the past year and anticipate the joys of the coming year with your family and friends through our exciting selection of gift packages. Gifts are a great way to bring in the new and usher in the old because these represent abundance in the coming year.

Choose from baskets of delectable fresh fruits including juicy grapes, crunchy apples, and sweet oranges, packages of delicious premium chocolates, and containers of gourmet food items like wine, cheese and crackers, and pasta, among others. Choices abound so much so that you will find the perfect match between your recipient and your gift!

Every gift can be personalized according to the budget of the giver and the preference of the receiver with three choices in packages, namely, As Shown, Deluxe and Premium. But that's not all! Each gift can be customized by adding balloons - choices include Mylar and ordinary - teddy bear, and chocolates, all of which are indeed great additions to an already thoughtful present on New Year's Day.

Add a personalized message on the card and express your love in your own words. Your thoughts will add more value to your gift - and on New Year's Day, your thoughts will count!

Exceptional days like Christmas-New Year call for seasonal greetings, kindness and pleasant gestures. These are days inspired by the spirit of giving. To express your genuine sentiment to your fellow business associates and clients for their gifts. Sending Christmas gift basket is an exqusite way to make that lasting impression, to say thank you with top-notch Christmas gift baskets. Customizing your selection of Christmas gift basket will displays your uniqueness in style, your explosive taste and perfection. Expertly paired wine gift baskets and complimented with mouthwatering gourmet foods will make a natural piece of conversation. Will your gift wilt like flowers in a years time or will it be a memorable piece? Select Christmas gift basket filled with champagne brewed to perfection that stirs festivity with sparkling libations. To offer that epicurean experience to your family and friends, inclusion of an assortment of savory snacks, raffia nuts, and delectable foods is inevitable. They are fantastic, gifts of value for their different tastes. Christmas gift baskets not only offer an easy shopping option, but it’s the easiest way to appeal to your friends. Scrumptious Christmas gift baskets need not to be restricted to red and green fruit cakes alone. Inclusion of state of art designs make them the best treat ever. Their delightful nature, gives you the heart of giving than receiving. Embroidered clothe items may also be a gift idea included in your Christmas gift baskets. In the world of romance, discovering the special Christmas gift basket for women is not an easy affair. Notwithstanding the pampering of spa gifts and scented flower bouquets, Creativity in choosing Christmas gift baskets is imperative. Thoughtful spotted Christmas gift baskets filled with edible chocolates, carved chopsticks or foodies, where the whole container can be crunched for several days will make you stand out in the crowd. For those with sweet teeth, fresh roasted cookie baskets also make outstanding Christmas gift baskets. Christmas gift baskets offer healthy solutions to health conscious people. Instead of the sugary feast confections, delightful combinations of fresh fruit baskets made up of domestic and exotic fruits to excite your recipients experience. Personalized Christmas gift baskets are sentimental, sending that genuine feeling to the receiver. They are used as corporate gift baskets in the business world; a great technique to embed your company name. And what a merriest way to appeal to your boss and every member in your office. Christmas gift baskets are classy, affordable enough to show them that individual touch.

New Year gift baskets options are endless; they can be designed for an individual person, a couple or a party of people. Inclusion of modestly designed gourmet gift baskets overflowing with an assortment of foods, snacks and fruits will certainly be enjoyed. Christmas gift baskets are not only enjoyed and appreciated, but they reveal more about you. Christmas gift baskets have grown in popularity, a favorite choice among well wishers. They are functional, practical and beautiful decorated. Inclusion of overflowing and creative juices makes them pretty and perfect choice.