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Office Gifts

Every business has a handful of people who make their burden a little lighter. Recognizing the efforts of these people not only shows you value their help, but also builds your own reputation. 

Caramel Salted Chocolates, Dipped Chocolate Covered Strawberries, English Toffee, Cashews and Mix Nuts or how about a Caramel Gift Basket? Large basket or small, these are the people who will be the most pleased by the surprise gift and the respect it shows. 

At GTA Gift Baskets, we can help you select the right baskets for everyone on your list. We will keep you in budget while sending your clients exceptional gifts you will be proud to put your name to. 

Caramel Gift Basket
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Gold Gift Baskets
Grand Event

Grand Event


Let's Have a Picnic Basket

Let's Have a Picnic Basket

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Passion Chocolate Box
Simply Classic Gift Baskets
So Nutty!

So Nutty!


Sweet Gourmet Gift
Sensations Fruit Baskets

Sensations Fruit Baskets

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Couples, Spouses, Families and Partners

When your client is really two or more people, pick a basket that’s easy to share. This is very important if you are thanking a small, family-run business or franchisee operation. While there may only be one person that you deal with, you must still respect any partners. 

Gratitude Gift Basket, Indulgence Gift Basket, Dawn’s Gift Basket or the Sparkle Gourmet are all perfect choices that can easily be shared. These baskets offer a good variety of quality foods that will have something that everyone will enjoy. 

Fruit baskets of-course, are always a big hit, especially during the holiday season. But stay away from baskets that limit variety like mixed nuts or chocolate. If one member of the group can’t participate in enjoying the gift, it could upset the balance and cause friction.      

Individual Clients

Individual clients are the perfect opportunity to offer something indulgent. The Holiday Gourmet Basket offers a wonderful selection of classics and favourites. The Gift Basket of Plenty has a mixture of dry foods, fresh fruits and some choice beverages to round it out. 

Both the Fantasia basket and the Munch basket are great ideas for individual clients. They contain the highest quality gourmet edibles, but on a smaller scale. These are just two examples of the budget friendly choices well suited for holidays or any time of the year. 

Corporate Offices

When your clients are also businesses themselves, gift-giving can be a little tricky. Do you gift the President? The people you deal with the most? 

When it comes to corporate offices, it’s best to play it safe. Remember, people you don’t deal with face-to-face may still have a large role behind the scenes that impacts your business. 

For corporate offices, you can never go wrong with chocolate. And lots of it. 

Assorted Chocolates in Glass Jar is filled to the brim with fine quality, individually wrapped chocolates. This gives each team member equal opportunity to nibble on some chocolate heaven. 

The Mixed Nuts Gift Tray is another crowd pleaser, along with the Nutopia (Premium Almonds and Pistachios). Either of these choices are excellent to display in the staff room for the entire staff to nibble. Paired with a Ringlettes Dry Fruit Tray, the entire company will be singing your praises. 

The “Couldn’t Do It Without You” Network

If you are gifting for the holidays, along with clients and employees, there is one group that should not be ignored. They may not bring sales into your business, but they are worth their weight in gold when it comes to helping your business run in a professional manner. 

Who are they? 

The daily courier driver who sometimes waits in line (against company policy) when they see staff is swamped. 

The bank tellers who notices the mistake on your deposit and gives you a quick call instead of logging it in. 

The vendor who jumps through hoops to rush your order, so you can please a fussy client.