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Baby & Kids

What do new parents need for their babies? That's easy-everything. But where to start? How to coordinate unique baby items into a lovely set of baby shower gifts? We have the answer. Whether you're in Toronto or elsewhere in Canada, baby gift baskets already designed and packaged for you will show your thoughtfulness beautifully.


Giddy-up in Blue
Giddy-up in Pink
ABC Baby Gift Basket
Baby Pyjamas Set
Basket of Mommy & me
Boys and Girls Gift Basket Club
Charming Baby Gifts
Children's Tent
Cuddly-Gift Box
Cute Baby Gift Basket
First Steps Gifts
Good Morning! Baby Gift Bssket
Just Adorable Baby
Kushies 100% Cotton 3 piece set
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New Baby Gift Baskets

Baby gift baskets solve the problem of trying to fit all your baby shower gifts into one package designed and arranged artistically. Unique baby gifts are chosen and finished arrangements are designed to combine professional presentation with safe shipping. Actual baskets will be useful for years for keeping baby’s possessions in one place, or choose a toy such as a wagon as your “basket” for the little one to play with and learn new motor skills.

Personalized Baby Gifts

Show your thoughtfulness in sending just the right thing for your baby shower gift. A wide array of pink, blue, and gender-neutral baby gifts is available.

For a girl choose pink plush Teddy bears, bunnies, sleepers, blankets, bibs, bottles, and more, with a unique set for every budget. Sugary Baby Girl is filled with a pink Teddy bear, blanket, bodysuit, bib, 4 washcloths, and teether, in a cheery polka dot box, for only $75.99.  Cute Gift Basket has the basics of what a little baby girl needs-pink romper, bib, wash cloth, Teddy bear, powder, clothes hook, and even a frame for her first picture, all in a bright polka dot gift box, for only $79.99.

More elaborate baby gift boxes for girls include Trendy Baby Gift with pink Teddy bear, romper, bodysuit, bib, and handprint kit for $139.99, and Giddy-up in Pink, complete with rocking horse, sleeper, Teddy bear, and blanket for $289.99. Or pick something in between such as New Arrival Baby Girl, with pink sleepsuit, bib,washcloth, Teddy bear, animal rattle, blanket, and hand print kit for $98.99.

Baby boys will be happy with blue clothes and toys. Choose Sweetest Baby boy with handprint kit, blue Teddy bear, blanket, picture album, washcloth set, animal rattle, and teether for $94.99, or Trendy Baby Boy with a blue Teddy bear, romper, bodysuit, bib, and hand print kit, all in a baby blue wicker wagon the little guy can pull when he begins to learn to walk, all for $139.99.Or let the little boy dream of riding Canada’s open ranges with Giddyup Blue, including rocking horse, blue sleeper, blanket, and Teddy bear for $289.99.

Twins on the way? We have just the thing. Pick Twin-Twin Gifts with two Teddy bears, two onesies, and two of every bath product.

One of each? You’re all set with Boys and Girls Club. A pink Teddy, a blue Teddy, pink clothes, blue clothes, clothes hooks, and books get your favorite new parents all set for the new arrivals, all for $120.99.

For parents who like surprises

We have baby gift baskets that will suit them perfectly. Choose Charming Baby Gifts with Natural Charms soft yellow romper, sleepsuit, hat, and receiving blanket, as well as a Teddy bear and slippers to warm baby’s little feet through those cold Toronto winters.

Or pick Good Morning with its yellow bunny and baby clothes with cheerful yellow piping. Mommy & Me is personalized for both baby and mom with soft yellow slippers and chocolate for the former and sleepsuit, hat, and Teddy for the latter. Add a handprint kit and you have a unique baby shower gift that any new mom would love to get.

Kids Toy Wagon and Luxury Baby Basket offer soft beige toys and clothes sure to make any baby smile and feel comfortable.


Need decorations for your baby shower? Look no further. Order a bouquet of bright, cheery helium-filled balloons for your party room. Or tie them to your mailbox to guide your guests to the right house.

Online Shopping for Gift Baskets

Online shopping is the answer to burning precious fuel, finding a parking space, struggling through crowds at the shopping mall, and having to lug your purchases back home. And perhaps best of all, you are free to shop in your pajamas and robe, a cup of cocoa at your side.Our secure online site allows you to shop with absolute confidence. How’s that for an ideal shopping experience?

Baby Gifts Here in Toronto

As the biggest city in Canada, Toronto leads the way in style. The city is known for its runway shows and trendy parties. If you live in Toronto or just like giving gifts that show your good taste, our baby gift baskets are for you. They are carefully chosen by our top designers for style, beauty, and practicality.

Moms and dads who like to enjoy Toronto’s gardens, conservatories, beaches and boats with their little ones wrapped up warm and comfy will appreciate your thoughtfulness, as will anyone throughout Canada.